3 Vocal Power Points In Just 5 Minutes.

Easy. Effective. Results!

  • Strength & Support

    Power Breath Exercise for Max Vocal Strength & Support

  • Connect & Control

    Simple Specific Technique That Connects Your Voice For Control

  • Freedom & Range

    Voice Placement Method That Creates Vocal Freedom & Range

Bonuses & Extras

Supportive bonuses and downloadable PDF's to help your success in fulfilling your goals.

  • Vocal Confidence Builder (Audio Track & Worksheet)

    How To Stop Negative Thoughts From Letting You Sing.

  • Special Vocal Trick To Hit That High Note

    Learn An Easy Effective Goofy Instant Technique To Break Through The Mental Block Of High Notes.

  • Vocal Goals Fun Work Sheet & More

    Write out your vocal goals to help take the action to fulfill the goals and dreams you have for your voice, PLUS other supportive bonus material.

Course curriculum

    1. A Personal Welcome From Nyla.

    2. What To Expect and How To Use Your Program

    1. The Power Breath Technique

    2. Articulating Vowel Formations

    3. Voice Placement, Where We Feel Sound

    1. 5 Minutes To A Better Voice Female Range With The Audio Guide

    2. 5 Minutes To A Better Voice Female Range Without The Audio Guide

    3. 5 Minutes To A Better Voice Male Range With The Audio Guide

    4. 5 Minutes To A Better Voice Male Range Without The Audio Guide

    1. Fine Tuning Your Pitch. Training Techniques With A Vocal App

    2. Pitch Training with Apps The Benefits and Results

    3. On Pitch App Demo

    4. CarlTune Pitch App Demo





    9. Book Breath Technique 1 - Builder

    1. Vocal Confidence Fun Worksheet

    2. Affirmational Downloads For Your Voice - Builds More Vocal Confidence

    3. Tip On Getting Through The High Note Block

    4. Vocal Goals Fun Work Sheet

    5. Vocal Anatomy Downloads

    6. Vocal Health Tips

    7. Vocal Range Diagram

About this course

  • Free
  • 25 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content


Beginner To Confident

Adam Burkett, Praise and Worship

Prior to taking voice lessons, I always struggled with my confidence singing in our church choir and praise band. With just one lesson and one week of practicing the techniques in the program, I've increased my vocal range and projection and my voice feels stronger. Nyla Cione's programs are very effective as she explains the process very well through her narrations as if she is right there with me while I am practicing. So, whether you're wanting to learn the basics of singing or build on the vocal skillset you have already established, I highly recommend Nyla Cione's vocal programs.

Never Thought I Could Learn To Sing

Jeff Leaver, Singer-Songwriter

Nyla is a great vocal coach and mentor, and her programs are very helpful and easy to follow. I played guitar since I was 14 but never thought that I could learn to sing. I always sang on the chords but after working with Nyla I have gained confidence and expanded my vocal range and found my own voice.

Hearing Loss Didn't Stop Her From Singing

Daphne Bye, Singer-Songwriter, Model

I have been coached by Nyla for a few years now even through our military move to Japan, she had me doing customized vocal warm-ups to help with my hearing loss and I couldn’t believe how fast my singing changed, I felt free, I felt like my sound was way better than before I didn’t even feel strained. I’m continuing this journey with her program, as my confidence has improved so much that I can’t wait to see how much better I sound in the coming years.

Why This Program Was Designed For You

Virtual Voice Coach Nyla Cione

Early in my singing career, I was challenged with connecting my lower register (chest voice) with my higher register (head voice). I'd try to push through the higher notes straining and becoming hoarse after performances. I tried classical voice training to help find my higher vocal register (head voice) which did help but did not teach a connection with my mix voice. Though classical training was the beginning of creating a solid supportive foundation, it did not prepare me to sing other genres legit. I was fortunate later on, to train with several seasoned voice coaches that gave me more options and solutions (see bio below). I then began my study of the anatomy of the voice, learned more about vocal alignment and voice placement for a more solid connection between registers, and learned how to train my voice as an instrument. After years of study and experience, I intuitively created a guided voice-changing program that automatically puts your voice in alignment for a seamless connection allowing for more vocal expansion and creating a great vocal tone. Just like hundreds of students I've trained who use my program, you'll see results guaranteed.